Restricted View

`Restricted view‘ (2012) by Anoushka Kurien – contemporary dancer based in Chennai – explores a choice of four tasks she appoints to her body and its surrounding space – flipping, rotating, sliding and re-sizing. It is a 13 minutes long contemporary dance piece.


The following video features a full-length performance of the piece at Alliance Francaise of Madras.

Music – Darbuka Siva

Light – M. Natesh

Performer – Anoushka Kurien

Supported by the lights Anoushka creates an illusory thirteen minutes with a series of often symmetric sets of movements, playing with various shadows – elongated, or punctuated. Going along with the composed score she constantly changes her spatial references and the quality of constraints in her movements – shifting the degree of smoothness in her movements as well as the mood of her presentation, from an apparently lightweight, unregulated motion of an almost free body barely attached to an axis or a stand up to a level of heavy scratchy friction. `Restricted view’ ends with a split in the view of the audience with the help of a slightly larger-than-life live projection of the dancer – allowing only certain parts of her body to be highlighted, restricting the rest, one split part complementing the other. The cropped projected image and the spots of light falling partially on the dancer highlight and restrict the body simultaneously to the viewers.


‘Restricted View’ began as a student work while Anoushka was at Trinity-Laban Conservatoire, London (2010-11) and was developed as a solo at the Attakkalari Residency 2012, Bangalore.2012.

A collection of the movement-material explored in this piece can be seen at

The Laban-version (performed with Samanta Roque and Jalianne Li) can be seen here.

Copyrights of photo and video – Anoushka Kurien


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