‘Stranger In Indian Paradise’ With David Rolland

Recently David Rolland Choréographies created `Stranger in Indian Paradise‘ – a contemporary dance production in association with Basement 21 and through The Embassy of France in India, Institut Français en Inde, the Alliance Française de Delhi and the Alliance Française network presented two shows in Chennai and Delhi, as part of DanSe DialogueS festival, from April 11 to 29, 2014 throughout India.

L’Etranger au Paradis Indien

The production featured ten dancers walking on carpets of different designs (by David Rolland and Sumant Jayakrishnan) – the walk varying with each carpet. The styles of walking were inspired from the designs – sometimes airy and animatedly `dancy’ along the colorful, curves, sometimes grave and heavy, exploring tensions created by the contrast of the vibrant base, the playfulness of the intersecting lines and the achromatic intensity of the moving bodies, sometimes ethereal, almost weightless like memories from remote past.

Excerpts of the production can be viewed here:

Three dance pieces on three different carpets were choreographed by David RollandPadmini Chettur created a new dance piece on a carpet with a gigantic Kolam drawn on it, designed by Sumant Jayakrishnan and Preethi Athreya created her own solo, inspired by Tony Bennett‘s song Stranger in Paradise, on a carpet designed by David Rolland.

Kolam – choreographed by Chettur

Review at the Culture section of the Institut Français en Inde :

“10 dancers perform a really precise choreography after only a few hours of practice by using audio guided scores and following the indications given by printed carpets which cover the floor. This performance invites the audience to enter a dance labyrinth of abstract figures. Each set starts out with a new visual, sound and choreographic design. The sum of bodies soon creates a kaleidoscope in perpetual motion, where the simplest movement,multiplied by the number, becomes outstanding…..” (read more at http://institutfrancais.in/content/stranger-indian-paradise-performance)



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