Fantasy Of Disappearance Or Gender In Art 1

Natesh Muthuswamy

Don’t obsess. She told me. It meant, not to, over her. I applied it on everything. Since, of late, after Prannoy Roy started calling himself Dr. Prannoy Roy, I decided to call myself God! God blesses, “Natesh let there be some spark”?

This thing of microbes being responsible for dinosaurs’ disappearance, a new theory by scientists has “microbed” into me. I love scale. From megalomania? Earlier there was this amazing poet who’s a visionary with his drawings, Vaitheeswaran, told me, they died from diarrhea. So built a text around it, “dinosaur sambar”.

Men invited them for a dinner negotiation and fed them with their own spoilt sambar with a wonderful spicy delicacy of another co-habitant rival Dino, which the invited ones hated. Well fed, they just got incurable diarrhea and died!

But this microbes that ‘extincted’ them news is an obsession. I fantasized like this. Since microbes are so tiny and incapable of big time planning, they move like cancer. Between early detection and end stages it is nothing but a slow advancing. So, that microbe that was eating the dinosaur must have done it like a caterpillar. Imagine one fellow walking towards a pool to drink water losing his/her limbs, torso and head one after the other and disappearing?

I tell you, all this coming from the effect of animation films. Paa. Total disappearance fantasy or obsession can happen only in films. Like this particular painting where an eagle has successfully caught a whale. I was consumed by the eagle diving down straight, perpendicular to the water below, enter, catch, ascend and fly off into the skies. What a sight. I tell my parents, “the loves of my life, why don’t you guys watch these animal channels? Better than tamil sob-soap-op-s …?

So from feminist tidbit info where they chide masculinity for being ‘obsessed’ with the impossible, I fantasized the same thing of my pet eagle diving and catching a whale. In an animated film?

(Artist – Natesh M.)

If I arrive at such visual metaphors for MAN’s irredeemable predilections for the impossible like Sisyphus’ punishment, who has the time? When movies talk, talk, talk, long live movies’ obsessions!

It, in a way, it makes me sisyphus!


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