Wall Dancing

Wall Dancing‘ (2012) is a three hours long dance production choreographed by Chennai-based contemporary dancer Padmini Chettur in the year 2012. It explores the relationship of the dancer’s body, alone and collectively, with the surfaces around her. A wall that a dancer leans on can be a real wall, or the floor, or other bodies in the same space, or even the vacuum. The audience is encouraged to move within the space to explore the three-dimensionality of the piece.


MusicMaarten Visser

Video – Vishwanadhan, Nadine Tarbouriech

Performers – Akila, Aarabi, Aditi, Madhushree and Palani

Venue – Focus Art Gallery, TTK Road, Chennai, India

Watch excerpts from the performance here or watch it directly from the playlist:

Copyrights of photo and video – Padmini Chettur