Contemporary Compositions In Sound By Maarten Visser

Maarten Visser has been part of the experimental trio oto.3 since 2011. oto.3 brings together the sound work Maarten has been doing and his improvisational music through a music-web-space created by drummer Robbert van Hulzen. Here are some of their live-sessions as well as a few of his completed productions through oto.3.

“…Maarten Visser organizes the structures, ideas and developments in sound, and works them out with electric bass violinist Holger Jetter and Hulzen. the music they create together they create offers ample space for the musicians to make their own musical plan, manipulate the score, improvise.” – from oto.3.

“The music of oto.3 is based on sound – rather than rhythm, harmony, melody – it is music with a constant tension between sound and silence, notes and noise, between structure and freedom.”

Maarten’s oto.3 creations (albums) are available at and


B21 Improvisation – A Review


“Preethi pulled Chandana into her circle of obsession and in turn acquired Chandanas’s stable serenity. She countered Chandana’s proposition of an abstract definiteness with a frenzied narrative of familiar gestures”… it was when I wrote this line I simultaneously realized that I was increasingly sounding like a football commentator gone slightly askew in her mind, and that it was really three whole hours that had passed since I came in. It was not an extremely intense technique-based three hours. Rather cornily, it felt like a fun time that allowed both a bit of work and a bit of gobbledygook, and finally seemed to get over before one would like it to. The genre of fun might have had a shade of the obscure, or more appropriately a hint of uncertainty. But that might have been the whole point of the session –one that probably made each participant think, search and improvise beyond the grids of the auditorium of the Alliance Francaise of Madras.

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